Why make research accessible?

It has become increasingly important that education in our schools is based on scientific evidence and proven experience. One reason is that public operations and rights whould be based on valid knowledge and experience rather than on the opinions and tastes of individuals.

Another reason is all of the resources that society gives to the school sector, and the need that they be used effectively. Designing education with support from research is then considered a good way to go since such support is considered well-founded. Making research accessible to school stakeholders can give support in the work of realizing the right to education.

Research entails a healthy critical approach

hen it comes to school development, there are particularly good reasons to learn from research in the field. There are many who want to influence school development. Different stakeholders can speak warmly of trends, methods, and paths toward progress. Familiarity with research in the field can entail a healthy critical approach to temporary trends and fads. Research on school development can support work on sustainable school development in our schools. This is a motive for making research accessible for school professionals, principals, and agencies.