Christina Hedman

Christina Hedman is a professor of Swedish as a Second Language with a didactic focus at the Department of Subject Didactics at Stockholm University. She has many years of experience in research and development work in a variety of teaching contexts for multilingual minority language-speaking students, such as the subject of native language, Swedish as a second language, language introduction groups for newly arrived students in primary and secondary school, language introduction in middle school, and preparatory class in high school.

Her research takes as a starting point the central role of language for learning and democratic participation in schools and society and includes linguistic, didactic as well as critical perspectives on (language) teaching. The research relates to issues of education policy and language ideologies. An important starting point is the need to consider the entire linguistic repertoire of the individual in order to achieve epistemic justice (Fricker 2007) in the educational system.


Selected publications

Hedman, Christina & Fisher, Linda (forthcoming) Critical multilingual language awareness among migrant students: cultivating curiosity and a linguistics of participation. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education. DOI: 10.1080/15348458.2022.2078722

Hedman, Christina & Magnusson, Ulrika (2022) Adjusting to linguistic diversity in a primary school through relational agency and expertise: A mother-tongue teacher team’s perspective. Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication (MULTI).

Hedman, Christina & Magnusson. Ulrika (2022) Performative functions of multilingual policy in second language education in Sweden. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 25(2), 452–466.

Hedman, Christina & Magnusson, Ulrika (2021) Researching the complexities of the school subject Swedish as a Second Language: A Linguistic Ethnographic project in four schools. Languages, 6(4), 205, 1–16;

Hedman, Christina & Rosén, Jenny (2020) Modersmålsämnets legitimitet i ett förändrat politiskt landskap: en analys av svensk riksdagsdebatt under 2010-talet [The legitimacy of the mother tongue subject in a changing political landscape: an analysis of Swedish parliamentary debate in the twenty-tens.Utbildning & Demokrati – tidskrift för didaktik och utbildningspolitik, 29(3), 31–50.