The collaborative and action research projects “Language teaching in adult education and upper secondary school”

One project is ongoing 2022–2023: Visual resources in language teaching in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) and special education for adults. Jenny Rosén, Liz Adams Lyngbäck, Christina Hedman and Enni Paul are working on this collaborative project.

The project is funded by the School Research Institute. Together with teachers in four different schools, we seek in this project to develop visual communicative resources for increased d emocratic participation in teaching.

Another project is underway in 2022: The Language of New Arrivals: The Language Subjects in Language Introduction (language introduction for newly arrived students seeking eligibility for the upper secondary school’s national programme: Una Cunningham and Christina Hedman). The project is financed with collaboration funds from Stockholm University. With an operational theoretical focus, we seek to explore, together with teachers, challenges and solutions regarding language teaching in Swedish and English, with a particular focus on collaborations between language teachers.