Scientific collaboration and partnership

The research network aims to establish scientific partnerships and collaborations with schools, school principals, school authorities, and other stakeholders in the school sector. The importance of partnerships and collaboration for school development is not only a research interest. Establishing scientific partnerships and collaborations is also a mission of the research network.

Collaborations give us access to professionals, schools, school principals and school authorities that are important to our research. It is also through collaborations that we can make good research available to s chool professionals who need it for their professional practice – and who are by law expected to conduct school development on a scientific basis. Establishing scientific partnership and collaboration also means that research is conducted in close collaboration with schools, school principals and school authorities because the research mission may require it. Some challenges are best addressed by researchers and the school’s various professionals and actors working together. We therefore conduct research on, for, and with schools.

Here we list six different collaborative projects. The list will be updated gradually.