School leadership for inclusive education – a reflection tool for school leaders and school principals.

As part of the project ”Support for inclusive school leadership”, SISL, a reflection tool has been developed. The tool ”Inclusive School Leadership: A practical guide to developing and reviewing policy frameworks” is part of the SISL policy framework.

Niclas Rönnström, Stockholm University, and Elisabeth Högberg, Special Education School Authority, have been Swedish delegates in the work. A tool adapted to Swedish conditions will be developed in 2022 in collaboration with school managers and school leaders. For the time being, the tool is available for download in an English version here – on the website of the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

Reflection and dialogue on school leadership for inclusive education

The reflection tool should be able to strengthen school leaders’ ability and opportunities to realize inclusive education that gives every child and student the right to relevant education of good quality. It should also encourage dialogue within and between schools and between different levels of the school system, thereby establishing level-wide collaboration, which can in turn enable new policies and practices to emerge.

The tool has been specifically designed for use by:

  • School leaders and management and development groups who seek support in the work of realizing and developing inclusive education in their own school activities themselves and in interaction with others.
  • School principals who, according to the Education Act, are responsible for ensuring that education is carried out in accordance with the legal rules and educational goals that govern the school, which includes realizing education as a right and inclusive education.