Network leaders for newcomers’ and multilingual students’ learning in the Stockholm region

On an assignment from the Swedish National Agency for Education, the project is about leading regional networks that will support school principals and their coordinators (appointed by the principals) in systematic quality work with a focus on multilingual and newly arrived students’ education. Concretely, this project is about supporting and participating in the work of producing a description and assessment of the current situation and making an assessment and designing a development plan, which will be used in the work.

Since January 2021, Maria Lim Falk is leading two sub-projects in the network. Sub-project 1 focuses on study guidance in the mother tongue (including native language instruction and cooperation with other teachers). Sub-project 2 focuses on transitions (between grades and forms of school, including the aspect of preparatory classes and direct integration). The work with these sub-projects involves both a more concrete collaboration between coordinators in different municipalities and a closer collaboration with researchers (the network leaders and possibly other researchers at the learning site) in a slightly more operational way. The goal is twofold:

  • to build proven experience with scientific support regarding the two focus themes – study guidance and transitions
  • to initiate long-term development processes within and between coordinators/principals in the network’s different municipalities that target school improvement in school practice

The project is ongoing: January 2020–