The purpose of our research network

The core of our work is multidisciplinary research on the dynamics, actors, and practices of school development. The research network mobilizes, activates and illuminates research on school development as a common concern at Stockholm University.

Stockholm University provides a broad and deep knowledge base relevant to school development and educational development. The network includes researchers rooted in areas of knowledge such as school and school governance, management and organization. They collaborate with researchers who focus on the core responsibilities of schools such as language, teaching, learning, assessment, inclusion, and equality.

The network aims focus on the following three areas:


Build and manage a strong and inspiring environment for multidisciplinary research on school development. We do this by collaborating across many different disciplines.

Collaborations and partnerships

Contribute to knowledge development that enriches research, education, and collaborations that are important for Stockholm University and the school sector. We also establish and develop scientific partnerships and cooperation with schools, school principals, school authorities and other key stakeholders.

Accessibility and resources

Make research and collaboration on school development at Stockholm University visible and accessible, and share resources for schools to use in their development work.