Our vision for the research network

School and education are important parts of the development of a sustainable society. In our research network, we want to generate knowledge that promotes sustainable school development in a changing society – where local, national and global forces are intertwined.
Ultimately school development should strive toward changes that benefit children, youth, adults, and their learning. This involves a promise to those who are getting their education in our different forms of school: relevant, high-quality education, a desire to respond to societal challenges, and the right to equal education regardless of their background and ability. By law, education should promote students’ knowledge, values, and overall development. It should also promote the desire for lifelong learning and to stimulate students to reach as far as possible. Another promise is the compensatory mission, that is, the fact that the required forms of school should compensate for differences in the conditions for fulfilling education and educational goals.

Sustainable school development: students’ rights, the school’s obligation, public concern

It is easy to demonstrate a need for school development in all forms of school, but a significant part of previous research shows that school development is complex and difficult to master. However, well-functioning and purposeful school development is of the utmost importance for our schools, but also a public matter that concerns the survival of society and sustainable development.

The research conducted in the Stockholm University Research Network for School Development should be a promise to the actors and stakeholders who conduct or are affected by school development. We do not only generate knowledge about school development. Our research and collaborations can also be in support of all who have school development as a mission.